As predicted, the Federal Government is targeting vapor products whereas the State does not.
Now you are not allowed to ship vapor products to most US locations which demonstrates they’re deliberately targeting the vapor industry without legitimate justification.

In the age of the global pandemic and when online purchasing has never been more of a necessity, the Federal Government has decreed that you can purchase certain products online but you’re just not allowed to use US postal carriers to have it delivered.

This is double trouble as many places have closed down due to COVID restrictions & mandates or at a minimum make shopping in-person a non-viable alternative.

It should be noted that this restriction does not apply equally to cigarettes or tobacco products. I can order a carton of US cigarettes online & receive them in the mail but I cannot purchase anything having to do with vaping, including device accessories. This includes little pieces of plastic but is not limited to glycerin with or without nicotine. How does this make any sense?

First they put an age restriction of 18 years of age to buy vapor products (including those without nicotine), then they increased it to 21, then they made “proving/validating” your age for online purchasing exhausting, painful, and far more stringent than for cigarettes. Now they’re saying you can’t receive benign legal and legitimate products through the mail….because of, um, Reasons?

For all of you non-Vapers or non-Smokers out there, if you think this doesn’t affect you, think again. We all have a dog in this fight. The Federal Government is dictating what LEGAL products you can or cannot purchase online and they’re doing it in the weasely way of banning what can be mailed through the US Postal Services….including private providers such as FedEX & DHL.

You can do something about this. Call and complain to your locale representitives, write your Congressman/Congresswoman, & if this fails to get traction change who you vote for.

I recommend checking whatever online site you use for Vape purchasing to see if you are still allowed to shop for the products you desire. Suppliers are searching for viable alternative delivery solutions, but to date, they are unable to accommodate most orders.

If you have ran into similar issues, or simply want to submit your thoughts on the subject please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

This has been a Dawg Rant.