Baby Registry made Easy

Got friends or family getting ready to celebrate the birth of a child? Here’s an easy way to create a Registry for all things Baby from the trusted name of Amazon. I wish this was available when my children were born. Check it out, it may make your day–You literally have nothing to lose. Shop […]

Harry Heck! The Original Mark Collie.

You might recognize this from The Punisher movie from 2004. I think this diner scene was the best part of the whole movie–Enter Harry Heck. There’s an eeriness to the soulful, Johnny Cash-esque, voice of this assassin that has a dark sweetness to it…he actually dedicates the song to his mark out of respect. ” […]


I heard about this from a young airman named Zak that said, “Shtah Machino”, as a passing expression. I said, “What?, you said, ‘What machine’…….I don’t get it?” He goes, oh shit I meant, “Ja Machino”. “You’re the machine (I asked knowingly but still confused), WTF are you talking about?” So then he told me […]

Return of the Vaper!

The Juice: There are many things to consider when choosing an e-liquid that’s right for you. If vaping isn’t doing it for you then you’ve probably got the wrong e-liquid, nicotine strength, or both. The juice will make or break your vaping experience as much, if not more, than the device you’re using and I […]