Vape While You Can

I will not pretend that vaping is a “healthy” habit to pick up, however I will declare with confidence that it is a far healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes.

There are a lot of choices out there for vaping products that can make it intimidating when trying to decide what might be right for you. I’ve tried all shapes and sizes when it comes to devices and thought I might share some tips for the newcomers.

Know your needs: Purchase items that meet your nicotine delivery expectations. Heavy smokers should get higher nicotine & 70/30 liquids until you can mentally ween yourself off of “analog” cigarettes.

Liquids: Salts are good, last a longtime, but are strong…they’re not for the casual user. Start with tobacco flavors, then slowly transition to the fruits. If you don’t know the flavor always read the comments and reviews before purchasing.

Start with a Kit, they’re around $50 bucks or less and they’ll get you started.

Keep your smoking schedule. Vape at the same times and intervals that you would normally smoke. Keep the same time duration, you don’t have a smoldering butt to time your session.

The current lawmakers in DC are suggesting a tax on vape products like cigarettes, which could mean large increases in prices. So get it, while the getting’s good.

This is my favorite site.

They have all the right gear and their e-liquids are the best I know of.

It’s nice to custom make your own juice as well.

Very easy online shopping that is not exclusive to the US. I’ve had stuff sent to European addresses at reasonable shipping prices.

Check it out. Buy/Try. Or don’t…

But, if you’re interested in losing the cigs or enjoy a portable shisha pipe, give it a look.

Here is a link to get you started.

You’ve Been Dawged!

We Are Back!

After some long months of being locked down within this world of COVID, we are back! Expect to see reviews of things that we use everyday. These will be honest and honest being subjective.

Our reviews will not be objective because these will be items that we use within our households and with our families and friends. Expect the first one shortly.

So, if you have been a follower on our social media, thank you for sticking around. If you are new to the site, thank you for visiting and we hope that you will come back.

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