Vapor Strikes Back!

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Many of our viewers requested some recommendations for actual products, so after trying a few different vendors I found one that rocks: Vaporfi. I’ve tried a few other companies but vaping was kind of a goof that just helped me to smoke less–but it didn’t squash the urge for the real thing. Vaporfi has raised the bar for e-cig products. I ran across them awhile back in some mall in Florida, I’ve been a believer ever since. I thought I’d share my findings, and some tips for better vaping, so you to can get completely off traditional tobacco products as I did.
I was a 2-pack a day cigarette smoker and it was hard to get my fix via vaping, especially when drinking. My approach was wrong. If you’re a cigar or cigarette smoker, start with a pen- or cigar-sized device and the highest or 2nd highest nicotine level available. Only use tobacco flavors in it-TREAT IT LIKE THE REAL THING. This will be your “cigarette” used exclusively for “smoke breaks”. Get a second device, of any sort (you can also use different heads), and use a much lower level of nicotine in this one, at least half the strength of the 1st device. Use this one like a portable hookah or something to puff on in-between “smoke breaks”–try different flavors in this one. That’s it. I started this technique using a Pro with a custom mix of Cuban cigar (double shot) and Top Shelf Bourbon (single shot). I smoked it just like I would a cigar and IT TASTED EXACTLY LIKE A CIGAR…I couldn’t believe it. The “Camel” and Marlboro” taste like the real cigarettes. The tobacco flavored e-liquids I tried in the past all tasted like burnt waffle cones and didn’t even remind me of real cigarettes, let alone taste like them.

To summarize:

1. Products: Get the right device & e-liquid to match your habits.

2. Treat it like the real thing. Meaning, don’t go puffing away like you’re on a hookah when you’re trying to duplicate a cigar effect.

3. Take actual smoke breaks, like you would a real cigarette. Go outside, BS with co-workers, etc…use the 2nd device to go longer between these breaks.

What separates Vaporfi from the competition:

-Higher quality products at standard prices.
-Real discounts and deals.
-Vast selection of flavors, devices, and accessories.
-Home delivery program, brought to your door.
-Custom mixed e-liquids made to order.
-Custom starter kits: Create your own kit–Mix-N-Match!
-Outstanding customer service.
Custom E-Cigs
I know it might sound expensive, but do the math: Minimum $300 a month for 2 packs a day, or $30 a month for 2 bottles of e-liquid. The devices pay for themselves in the first month (as opposed to buying cigarettes) and then continued use (e-liquids & accessories) comes to about 50 cents a pack.

Go to and check it out. If you don’t like it…don’t buy anything, it’s that simple. These guys have been the best that I’ve dealt with for customer service, product selection, variety, and overall quality.

As always 2GuysView does not, and will never, recommend products that we ourselves have not used or do not like. Our opinion stands firm regardless of our affiliation (or lack thereof) with anything we endorse or even suggest.

Vaping Tip:
Don’t waste money trying to find the e-liquid flavors you like. Go to any mall kiosk or vaping bar and try the ones you think you might like for free. I’ve wasted more than a little on flavors that sounded good, but tasted horrible.

Whether you’re a would-be, a new-be, or a full fledged vape-snob connoisseur I think you’ll agree with me…Vaporfi really does deliver more Vape-bang for your Vape-buck.


You’ve been ‘Dawged!

Vapor Strikes Back!, 3.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. Good article. I would add that the 2 most important things about Vaping is the the amount and density of the Vapor and the Taste. Don’t waste money on an inferior product. Buy the best you can find. Then find the flavor with the exact right taste for you. This is the hard part. But once you do you will have that “aha” moment and you will be able to move away from cigarettes. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. Keep trying until you find that one specific flavor and then buy enough of it to last a long time. I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t easily find another flavor that suited my tastes and I ran out and went right back to cigarettes. So keep trying until you find the flavor that pings your taste and reward centers and you’re on your way. I am sure that I will find other flavors but until then I have what I need to move on from cigarettes. Believe me when you find the right hardware and e-liquid you will know. Don’t give up before you give it enough effort, this is too important to your health…

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