Trailer Park Boys’

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Disclaimer: These clips contain “foul” language, liberal drug use, some sexual innuendo, and are not appropriate for morally upstanding citizens and young viewers, or the uptight and crusty types. Be cautious when sharing as humor can be, and often is, contagious.

Back in 2007 someone had a copy of this movie laying around so I watched it out of general curiosity. Right from the git-go I was nearly peeing in my pants. Genuine laugh-out-loud humor. I was really questioning whether or not these guys were real, or actors. Even more entertaining is that it’s based in Canada. Yes they have spam-sucking-trailer-trash up North as well.

After watching the movie several times I went online to find out more about the “Boys”. Turns out the movie was pretty much a compilation of the first three seasons of the TV series. So by the time I found out about them they were in their fifth season of the TV series.

I love it all. Ricky is the dodger, Bubbles the unsung hero, Julian is the glue that holds them all together. It’s filmed as a fake reality show with these camera guys following them around everywhere like a twisted version of “The Real World“. If you haven’t seen the series or the movie, stop what you’re doing, go out and find it, and get your funny on.

If you’re already a fan, let us know your thoughts about the TPB’s by clicking the comment block to the right of the article title. If you’re soon to be a fan, comment as well. If you’re never going to watch any of this, leave a comment as to why.


Trailer Park Boys', 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. I wouldn’t talk about it if I wasn’t intimate with that particular mystery meat. I do love it though. Spam and fried egg samitch…yummy

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