Name That Movie Sept 20, 2013

Disclaimer: This clip is not appropriate for people who are offended by foul language. Can you name the movie and the lead actor? Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, Share, Share. Another Toki Distribution Please follow and like us:0

The Cabin in the Woods

Disclaimer: These clips are not appropriate for people with heart conditions, easily scared and young viewers. We will not be held responsible for any ailments arising from the viewing of the following videos. Ok, it’s rare that I come across a movie that has a combination of elements that will throw me off. The Cabin […]

Hirokin-The Last Samurai

Hirokin – The Last Samurai A movie set on a desolate planet where there is one man who can save the indigenous population from eradication. It’s kinda like Dune breeds with The Last Samurai with a side order of Gladiator thrown in. It’s cliche but with some original ideas. As far as entertainment value, I’d […]