Return of the Vaper!

The Juice: There are many things to consider when choosing an e-liquid that’s right for you. If vaping isn’t doing it for you then you’ve probably got the wrong e-liquid, nicotine strength, or both. The juice will make or break your vaping experience as much, if not more, than the device you’re using and I […]

Vapor Strikes Back!

Many of our viewers requested some recommendations for actual products, so after trying a few different vendors I found one that rocks: Vaporfi. I’ve tried a few other companies but vaping was kind of a goof that just helped me to smoke less–but it didn’t squash the urge for the real thing. Vaporfi has raised […]

Lord Vapor

Vaping, Vaporing, e-cigarettes, are all terms used for electronic “cigarettes” that seem to be growing in popularity of late. Even though I hate the spam mail & other ads pushing these products, I decided to research and present my view anyway. I do have some experience with the earlier models, the ones that looked like […]