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Vapor Strikes Back!

Many of our viewers requested some recommendations for actual products, so after trying a few different vendors I found one that rocks: Vaporfi. I’ve tried a few other companies but vaping was kind of a goof that just helped me to smoke less–but it didn’t squash the urge for the real thing. Vaporfi has raised […]
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Supernatural has been on TV for eight seasons. It is a show that has drawn a loyal following because of the characters more so than the story. The music and the back and forth joking between Sam and Dean help a lot as well. Take the chance and you just might become a follower of […]
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Winchester Rebels: Good Hard Rock'in.

Winchester Rebels is the name of the band, remember it, you’ll be hearing more from them I suspect. I found these guys on Twitter by accident and I’m glad I did. This modern hard rock band from California brings back memories of some of the better bands from the early ’90s. I hear a bit […]
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All-in-1-Cooker: Rice cooker + Food steamer = Good food made easy.

For many years I’ve wanted a serious grade rice cooker but never made that much rice at any one time to justify it. I was going through an appliance store a few months back and noticed an All-in-one type rice cooker and food steamer. It was less than $60 and seemed pretty cool with it’s […]
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