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Racism “Racism” is a thing of the mind propagated by Europeans in the 17th century to dehumanize Africans during slavery so they would be viewed in a less favorable light. Prior to that, there were more indentured Europeans as servants than Africans. And guess what? They worked together. They played together. They even had sex with each other. Now, isn’t that shocking. (Slightly paraphrased from excerpts of a 2003 PBS interview of Audrey Smedley author of Race in North America:Origin and Evolution of a Worldview)

I am sick and tired of people throwing the term “racism” around like some token moniker. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACISM!

There is no scientific evidence to truly distinguish one “race” from another. We are all HUMANS. We belong to the genus Homo Sapiens. We are not separated into species.

There isn’t a subspecies for us that is living (if you believe in evolution). Sure, there are some characteristics that differentiate ethnicity, but not “races.” Common sense would dictate that we would not be able to breed with someone of another “race” if we were so different. It’s like the difference between a Leopard and a Panther. If you look closely enough at the Panther, you will see the same patterns of spots common to the Leopard. Why? Because a Panther is just a different color variation of the Leopard.

I believe that you can be prejudice, but not “racist.” It is something started a few hundred years ago to distinguish social classes. It’s really no different from saying “lower class” and “upper class,” or “rich” and “poor.” It is a term that is used to divide us as a people and as a society.

“Racism” is learned. It is supported by ignorance. It is passed down by the family. It is promoted by the media.

Have you ever looked upon and studied infants? Do you see them shy away or become aggressive against another child because of the color of their skin? Or the shape of their eyes? Or the texture of their hair?

NO! Why is that? Why aren’t babies and small children “racist?” Think long and hard about the answer to that question and it should be obvious.

“Racism” is learned.

How do we stop it? How do we change hundreds of years of social misinformation? The answer is simple.

Education and Action

That’s right. Education and Action. It has to start with the individual. The individual has to change the way they think and act. To look at others and base their opinions and consequent actions upon the actions of the individual and not attribute those actions to everyone else of similar physical characteristics.

Once that becomes ingrained, then we must start teaching our children to do the same. Children begin to learn those things which will form the basis for their personality from the time they are born until around the age of five or six. They watch the adults around them even when you think that they don’t. They will eventually emulate those actions and reactions that they has witnessed. Even when you think that they couldn’t possibly understand what’s going on, they are storing the information for later. Teach them to base opinions about other people by showing the proper behavior of a responsible, compassionate, and understanding adult. Don’t allow children to see that it’s the white/black/brown/red/yellow man’s/woman’s fault or that it’s the Asian’s, Indian’s, European’s, African’s, Mexican’s, etc. fault.

If you take nothing else away from this, just remember to educate yourself, be mindful of your actions, and know that there is no such thing as “racism.”

A rant by Toki.

Here are a couple of satirical videos that emphasize how we view “racism” today and how the media (whether in fun or not) furthers the social lie.

Racism, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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