Gun Control

In light of all of the gun violence and the media attention that it has drawn lately, I felt that it was necessary to post this argument against gun control. I received this in an email, but it has to be the most logical explanation to retain the United States of America Second Amendment rights. […]

Beatallica: Metal dipped Beatles

Heard about these guys from somebody at work and just the idea of mixing the Beatles with Metallica to forge a unique song was enough to make me seek them out—I was not disappointed. The band hails from Wisconsin and has been around for over ten years. They tried to stay on the DownLow for […]

News Bloopers

Disclaimer: These clips are not appropriate for people whose face will crack if they smile, easily offended and young viewers. We will not be held responsible for any laughter, shock, or awe arising from the viewing of the following videos. Thought this was funny, Happy Holidays. Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, […]