Dear Penis-A Conversation

Here’s a little something to brighten your weekend. Disclaimer: This clip is not appropriate for people with humorless, rigid faces, easily offended, or young viewers. We will not be held responsible for any gut-busting laughter or shocks of awe from the viewing of the following video. Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, […]

5-On-1 Guitar Action

Really cool. This vid post from Walk Off the Earth truly demonstrates just how versatile the guitar really is. I like this better than the original to be honest. What do you think? Here is the parody version for those that like to laugh a little as well. Another dose of the ‘Dawg,

Kai the Homeless Hero

Disclaimer: These clips are not appropriate for people who are easily offended by foul language, with sourpuss, smiling-breaks-the-face, mean-muggin’, or stoic conditions. We will not be held responsible for any laughter or tears arising from the viewing of the following video. What can we say? It doesn’t seem to matter your “station” in life when […]

Winchester Rebels: Good Hard Rock’in.

Winchester Rebels is the name of the band, remember it, you’ll be hearing more from them I suspect. I found these guys on Twitter by accident and I’m glad I did. This modern hard rock band from California brings back memories of some of the better bands from the early ’90s. I hear a bit […]