Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalism vs. Socialism has always been a subject of debate, but in the past few decades, we have watched socialist-based countries crumble. I’ve never really became involved with that debate. The idea of making everything equal to everybody no matter how hard or successful someone worked just isn’t right. This is a video that actually […]

Bloomberg vs. Gun Control

Obviously, we need more common sense people to govern! Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, Share, Share. Brought to you by Toki, the NO BS drink.

The Walking Dead

Disclaimer: Some of the scenes in the video are of a graphic nature. Those who are too young, weak constitution, or simply wusses need not watch. The Walking Dead on AMC is another character driven show with a side of zombie. If you’re like me, then you first wanted to see some zombie dining on […]


Supernatural has been on TV for eight seasons. It is a show that has drawn a loyal following because of the characters more so than the story. The music and the back and forth joking between Sam and Dean help a lot as well. Take the chance and you just might become a follower of […]

A Senator with Common Sense

Now this was sent to me in an email and I watched it and applaud Sen. Rand Paul for his comments. This will probably infuriate Americans, but you should watch this. This is a major problem with our country and it really does need to stop. We, the people, hold the power to elect our […]