Hogjaw-The New Southern Rock

This is another band I stumbled across on Youtube that is fast becoming one of my favorite newer groups. I’d have to say they’re Southern Rock and reminds me of pre-plane crash Lynyrd Skynyrd. The singer’s voice is sometimes a bit off, but somehow, it fits. It’s honest music and their conviction shines through when […]

Charles Rangel-The Dime Store Novelist

Ran across this guy by accident when I was jumping around Youtube. I recommend that you check him out. His guitar stylings are so original and innovative that you find yourself staring, awestruck, throughout his performances. From what I’ve seen, he’s self-promoted and pretty much an average Joe, street performer. From a distance, he kinda […]

ObamaCare-Did you know?

I was lucky enough to have this emailed to me. Now it’s time to really spread the word. Get this out to everyone that you know! This is why WE, AS A NATION, HAVE TO WAKE UP!!!!!! When did your home become part of your health care? After 2012! Your vote counts big time in […]

Verbal Segregation

One of the major problems in America today is that people are always separating the parts from the whole. By saying (or pandering) to the concept of “African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, etc..” is wrong on so many levels and down right Un-American. You’ll hear it in the news all the time. Example: “Well, […]

Hirokin-The Last Samurai

Hirokin – The Last Samurai A movie set on a desolate planet where there is one man who can save the indigenous population from eradication. It’s kinda like Dune breeds with The Last Samurai with a side order of Gladiator thrown in. It’s cliche but with some original ideas. As far as entertainment value, I’d […]