Damjan Pejcinoski

Damjan Pejcinoski Great player on the scene here in Skopje, Macedonia. He’s got some Bucket Head flare, and an amazing technique for country/bluegrass as well. I’ve seen him around in a few places and he’s quite frankly…Awesome. Here are some testimonials: Michael Angelo Batio: “Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have […]

God Bless America

God Bless America Now is the chance to actually recommend a movie that all Americans should see. It’s been a while since I’ve watched something that could be labeled a dark comedy and wholeheartedly make me laugh. This movie has it all. Action, innuendos, violence, comedy, cars, guns, etc. It is a clear representation of […]


I purposely sought these guys out. I’m a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and I was digging the music they play between scenes and in the background. They were cover songs mostly, but done in unplugged mode. So I found them, WhiskeyDick. The two guys that make up the band look like a couple […]

To Kill An American

Once again, I received an email that hammers a point home about America. It is a point of view that comes from someone that’s not even living in the US. I really wanted to share this because it sends a message out to the world and I felt that email would be a little too […]

Ms. Direction a.k.a. Lady Liberty

Misdirection and Federal Income Tax I saw a documentary on prohibition the other day. They were talking about the Temperance movement and how they were trying to get alcohol banned, but the government wouldn’t even consider it because of the loss of tax revenues they’d incur. Alcohol was heavily taxed, and they’d lose hundreds of […]