Alright! We have a very special movie for all of you today. Detention. Now, without getting into details because I can’t stand it when someone else ruins a movie/show/whatever for me, this movie simply pokes fun at just about everything you can imagine. Stereotypes, cliques, teenage angst, other movies, horror, and stuff that I simply […]

What Do You Do?

What do you do when things seem to be crashing down? What is it that motivates you to continue forward or do you simply give up? How many of us have simply given up? Given up on our dreams, goals, hopes, etc. Why are so few of us driven to succeed while the rest of […]


Photo by daveynin Everyone’s always talking about rights. Their rights, an embryo’s rights, civil rights, human rights, etc… But what always amazes me is that the people screaming the loudest about THEIR rights are actually referring to their beliefs and what they THINK is RIGHT. Whatever agenda they’re selling under the guise of “rights” is […]


“Racism” is a thing of the mind propagated by Europeans in the 17th century to dehumanize Africans during slavery so they would be viewed in a less favorable light. Prior to that, there were more indentured Europeans as servants than Africans. And guess what? They worked together. They played together. They even had sex with […]

Motorjesus: Good Hard Rockin’

Another gem I found by accident. If you like heavy rock or borderline heavy metal, you’ll definitely dig this. Surprisingly enough, they’re from Germany. The vocals are clear, yet wailing, and not just guttural grunting that you hear so much of these days. The guitars are gritty and jammin’ like heavy metal from the mid […]