Merry Christmas to All

We just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to thank all of the people following us. We would also like to thank those brave souls that put themselves into harms way for our way of life, whether here at home or in a land thousands of […]

Viber Phone: Call anywhere with ease.

Smart phone users listen up. This is a great free app that can let you stay in contact with all your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world–even without cell coverage. As long as you have a WiFi connection nearby it works. You get super clear (voice) phone calls with ease, and best of […]

Timmy’s Letter to Santa

Once again, I received something in an email that was too good not to share. There was no author attached to it, so we are not claiming any kind of rights to it. Disclaimer: Don’t let little kids read this. Some foul language and violent innuendos. Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? […]

Ways to Make Money Online

I’m back with another lesson in trying to get out of the rat race. FYI, I’m still in the rat race, but I want out! There are a ton of ways to make money online, but in the past year, I’ve really only had experience with a couple and that’s what I’m going to talk […]

The Radiators: Last of the Great Jam Bands

The Radiators: The Last Great Jam Band They are: Dave Malone, Camile Boudoin, Reggie Scanlan, Ed “Zeke” Volker, and Frank Bua. Few bands have withstood the test of time as the Rads have; even fewer with the original line-up. This 5-man-band out of New Orleans has done just that. For nearly 35 years, they’ve been […]