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America Misdirection and Federal Income Tax

I saw a documentary on prohibition the other day. They were talking about the Temperance movement and how they were trying to get alcohol banned, but the government wouldn’t even consider it because of the loss of tax revenues they’d incur. Alcohol was heavily taxed, and they’d lose hundreds of millions if the production and sale of said alcohol ceased. So they proposed this: “If you really want alcohol banned so bad we can create something called a “federal income tax” that will make up for the losses in alcohol tax revenue….win, win.” So it came to pass, alcohol was banned and we had for the first time a federal income tax. You can’t just pass some new law that takes money out of your pocket, and not expect people to bitch about it…right? Well it takes time, say ten years, for people just to accept it as the norm and go about their business without rocking the boat. Prohibition lasted just under 14 years. During which time, the rich got richer selling black market booze, and the poor got poorer with the only thing easing their pain was over-priced, rot-gut, bathtub gin. Then prohibition ended and joy spread across the land. The crazy nightmare had ended and people were dancing in the street. The breweries, distilleries, bars, and juke joints re-opened their doors and ushered in a new era of prosperity and tax revenue. Once again the U.S. government was raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues from the production and sale of alcohol. But, in all the celebration and confusion, no one seemed to notice (because us sheeple got used to it) that the federal income tax law didn’t go away. In fact, the “Gov” was exponentially increasing their tax revenue due to the tens of thousands of people going back to work in the alcohol industry and were now paying income tax on their salaries.

Time marched on.

This is classic misdirection. Get the masses in a tissy over some non-issue that feeds the fervor, then do the ole quarterback sneak when they’re not paying attention. When the dust settles, Joe-blow took one in the backside once again and he’s thankful that you bought him a drink before being violated.

Don’t settle people. Make your voices heard. They want you to just roll over and take it. Don’t be thrilled that you got back $3000 on your tax return, be pissed off that you paid out 20k and only got back 3k. That would be like you giving me a $100, and at the end of the year I gave you back $30 and said, “Thanks buddy, we’re even now. Trust me though, I’ll make sure the money goes to good use.” Would you stand for this? I THINK NOT!

Misdirection and Obamacare

If the government wants to pay for health care for all it’s people; great, let them. But don’t take it out of my pocket. We pay enough already. Don’t settle people. The only ones that would endorse this health care plan are the ones that won’t be paying for it–i.e. deadbeats, slackers and government employees. The government can no longer say that they can’t afford it. We can afford a BS war in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade, but we can’t shift that money over to health care?

I’m just saying, while you’re enjoying the magic show, keep your hand on your wallet. Because slight of hand and misdirection is what “magic” is all about. Politicians are some of the best magicians on the planet: “Now you see it, now you don’t. I’ve just made your 401K plan, Social Security, stocks, and hard earned cash all disappear.”

For decades, I’ve been hearing presidents say how our health care should be like that of Europe. In Europe, they pay nearly 50% tax in some countries for that fine health care…whether or not they ever get sick. In Germany, you need a doctor’s note to buy everything above aspirin and to call in sick to work. If you go to a doctor and say you’re sick, it’s an automatic 5 days off work–PAID! The system is often, as you can expect, abused. I knew more than a few people who claimed back pain and got 6 weeks off to recuperate in a spa…all on the tax payers’ dime. Maternity leave you can take up to two years off with pay (from one source or another) and still be guaranteed your job should you choose to return to work.

Ms. Direction: Keep your eyes on my torch up here. Hey you, eyes up here. Never mind what’s written in the book I’m carrying in the other hand.


This has been a Knappdawg rant.

Ms. Direction a.k.a. Lady Liberty, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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