Knappdawg Food Tips: 3 New 1 Improved

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3 New tips, 1 Improved: I see a lot of recipes and food tips spew forth from the ether, most are crap and not worth the time it takes to click on them. Here are some exceptions to prove the rule:

Cooler Corn
Love corn on the cob but hate waiting so long or have a tendancy to overcook the golden goodness?
Here’s the quick fix answer: Take a cooler. Add corn on the cob. Pour 2 kettles of boiling water over them. Close lid. Wait 30 minutes–done. The cooler will also keep the corn at a perfect serving temperature for about 4 hours.

Sketti ‘Dawgs
Fun and tasty technique to break up the ho-hum lunch boredome: Skettidogs. The picture pretty much says it all.

Better Boiled eggs

Tired of boiled eggs with that greenish yolk color, shells breaking while cooking, under or overcooked, and/or pain in the ass pealing?

Try this technique, it should cure all:
Take eggs out of the fridge and let them sit long enough for the shells to feel room temperature. Fill a pot up with the eggs, allowing about half an egg of space between the top layer and the lip of the pot. Pour boiling water (slow and steady) over the eggs until water reaches the top of the pot, but allow enough space for the lid to seat properly. Put a folded towel over the pot and let it sit (on cold stove top) for 30 mins. Dump the water out–DONE. For easy peel’in eggs thoroughly rinse the eggs with COLD water after draining the pot. If you’re not going to use them right away put all the eggs in the refridgerator AFTER they’ve cooled on the counter for at least an hour.

Cold Pickl’in Twist
I love, and use a lot of, Thai fish sauce. I get the big bottle, the one that’s the size of a fifth of whiskey. Fish sauce is very salty and is perfect for pickling peppers. So in short, take your hottest, smallest peppers, cut the tops off them and cram them in the bottle. This is a win-win because the peppers get cured and the fish sauce gets a flavor enhancement plus a little heat kick. When the bottle’s empty, pour the brine-sauce-pickled-peppers out and eat or serve them as you normally would. The bottles are also great to reuse as homemade hot sauce dispensers.


Give these tips a try and tell me what you think–I triple Dawg-Dare you.

You’ve been ‘Dawged,
Knappdawg Out!

Knappdawg Food Tips: 3 New 1 Improved, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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