Illegal Immigrants – Bane to the US

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Illegal Immigrants I don’t have anything against anyone who tries to better their lives by immigrating to the United States. I do take issue with the fact that people do it illegally, stay for years, and then expect the sympathy of the masses from getting them deported. Case-in-point, I found this article on Yahoo about a sister and brother from Guatemala who have been in the US for more than 15 years but have never tried to become legal residents or citizens.

“She didn’t find out she wasn’t a U.S. citizen until she was in the fifth grade, and had to do a school project that asked where she was born.” This is a quote from the article on Yahoo. So you mean to tell me that she knew that she was in the US illegally from the age of 10 or 11 and never tried to get at least residency status?! This is what draws my ire. People taking advantage of the system and our politicians and bleeding-hearts want to give them a break?!!!

Just about every other country across the globe will deport you for being in their country illegally. The other countries don’t care why you’re there. If you want to be there, then be there legally. The US should be the same.

Yes, the US was created and built by immigrants. Guess what people? Once a system was in place, I won’t say all, but the majority of those people came into the country legally. Sure, the process was simpler, but it was still documented and legal.

Now, before you get up on your soapbox and release your tirade, you should know that I have experienced the trials and tribulations of legally getting someone into the US, legally getting them residency status, and legally pursuing citizenship. It is costly. It is time-consuming. And, it is a total pain.


Illegals do not have the rights that are guaranteed to citizens or permanent residents or anyone that is in the country legally. The government needs to either force them out or force them to become legal immigrants and make them pay for the process or begin to deny them all of the freebies that they have access to now, like healthcare.

I don’t like tax dollars going to provide services for illegals anymore than I like them going to pay politicians who are running the US into the ground.

Comment if you agree or don’t. Let us know how you feel.

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Illegal Immigrants - Bane to the US, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. I also have gone through the process of getting someone to immigrate to the US legally, and then that person, my wife, studied extremely hard to the point of creating a health problem (high blood pressure) to become a US citizen. She was very proud of that accomplishment and rightly so. So, for someone to come here illegally and expect the same rights and privileges of citizenship, just because they have lived here for a long time, is not only wrong, it’s immoral. Wake up people!! We are becoming a socialist state like Europe. Anyone that wants to come here legally and go through the process, welcome!!

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