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Detention Alright! We have a very special movie for all of you today. Detention. Now, without getting into details because I can’t stand it when someone else ruins a movie/show/whatever for me, this movie simply pokes fun at just about everything you can imagine. Stereotypes, cliques, teenage angst, other movies, horror, and stuff that I simply can’t remember right now. It gives a lot of references to other movies, but not all in the same genre and it doesn’t ride on the coattails of movies like Superhero Movie, Disaster Movie, etc.
This, by far, is more original than other mash-ups. I highly recommend watching it. It is even worth watching more than once to see if there was something that was missed the first time.

Warning – We will not be held responsible for letting someone watch this that should not watch it.

Detention, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. This movie is twisted. I loved it. Every cliche from every movie involving teens since the 80’s. It even spoofs itself as an ending. Very funny one liners through out. Good call Toki.

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