Death Valley

This a comedy to check out. It’s filmed like “COPS” with the ride-along camera man. I didn’t think I’d like the filming style at first, but later on I discovered it actually adds to the shows sarcastic humor. One surprising note is that it’s an MTV production. It can be a bit gory at times, […]

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy I love this show. I just heard about it at the end of 2011 and thought I’d check it out. I ended up watching all four seasons in less than two weeks. After the finale of season four I stared at the blank screen yearning for more and, I might add, was […]

America Is Not the Greatest Country

This has got to be the most in-your-face clip I have seen in a long time. It’s a wake up call. A call to action that should not be ignored. It is a show on HBO called The Newsroom. I would watch it just because of this clip. Warning: This clip contains cussing and maybe […]