I heard about this from a young airman named Zak that said, “Shtah Machino”, as a passing expression. I said, “What?, you said, ‘What machine’…….I don’t get it?” He goes, oh shit I meant, “Ja Machino”. “You’re the machine (I asked knowingly but still confused), WTF are you talking about?” So then he told me […]

Return of the Vaper!

The Juice: There are many things to consider when choosing an e-liquid that’s right for you. If vaping isn’t doing it for you then you’ve probably got the wrong e-liquid, nicotine strength, or both. The juice will make or break your vaping experience as much, if not more, than the device you’re using and I […]

Cake Haters: A gay couple legally violates a baker’s rights.

Baker Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cake This really bothers me. I remember when this was first brought up and I couldn’t believe that it even went to court. Now nearly two years later, they actually ruled in favor of the plaintiff (the gay couple in question). Up until now I was thinking this was […]

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalism vs. Socialism has always been a subject of debate, but in the past few decades, we have watched socialist-based countries crumble. I’ve never really became involved with that debate. The idea of making everything equal to everybody no matter how hard or successful someone worked just isn’t right. This is a video that actually […]