Viber Phone: Call anywhere with ease.

Smart phone users listen up. This is a great free app that can let you stay in contact with all your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world–even without cell coverage. As long as you have a WiFi connection nearby it works. You get super clear (voice) phone calls with ease, and best of […]

Kuratas-Your Own Mech!

If you got the moolah, then why don’t you buy your own Mech! Leave it to the Japanese to turn something thought up for anime and turn it into a reality. For those that might remember Robotech or know about Gundam Wing, here’s the real deal. Customizable and starting at a paltry 1.3 million dollars, […]

FreedomPop for iPod Touch

Here’s a new innovation for all you iPod Touch owners. You can go to Tom’s Hardware for a full article or go to Please follow and like us:0