Illegal Immigrants – Bane to the US

I don’t have anything against anyone who tries to better their lives by immigrating to the United States. I do take issue with the fact that people do it illegally, stay for years, and then expect the sympathy of the masses from getting them deported. Case-in-point, I found this article on Yahoo about a sister […]


Photo by daveynin Everyone’s always talking about rights. Their rights, an embryo’s rights, civil rights, human rights, etc… But what always amazes me is that the people screaming the loudest about THEIR rights are actually referring to their beliefs and what they THINK is RIGHT. Whatever agenda they’re selling under the guise of “rights” is […]


“Racism” is a thing of the mind propagated by Europeans in the 17th century to dehumanize Africans during slavery so they would be viewed in a less favorable light. Prior to that, there were more indentured Europeans as servants than Africans. And guess what? They worked together. They played together. They even had sex with […]

Ms. Direction a.k.a. Lady Liberty

Misdirection and Federal Income Tax I saw a documentary on prohibition the other day. They were talking about the Temperance movement and how they were trying to get alcohol banned, but the government wouldn’t even consider it because of the loss of tax revenues they’d incur. Alcohol was heavily taxed, and they’d lose hundreds of […]