Cake Haters: A gay couple legally violates a baker’s rights.

Baker Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cake This really bothers me. I remember when this was first brought up and I couldn’t believe that it even went to court. Now nearly two years later, they actually ruled in favor of the plaintiff (the gay couple in question). Up until now I was thinking this was […]

BULLYING: Nothing New

BULLYING? I’ve been hearing the term a lot lately and the amount of focus on it I find to be a bit more than disturbing. Legislation being lobbied and passed, the media blitz cramming it down your throat to “stop bullying“, cyber or otherwise, and celebrity endorsed charity events to promote awareness and bolster support […]

Muslim Uprisings: Attack of the Zombie-Sheep

This rant is in response to all the Muslim attacks (not peaceful protests) past and present (U.S. Embassy in Yemen a few hours ago) that are supposedly sparked by Western media dissing (or even the perceived diss) of Muhammad. The masses that participate in these mindless acts of violence are the equivalent to Zombie-Sheep. Mindless […]

Outrageous Hospital Bill

USA TODAY: Ouch! Hospital to review woman’s $83,046 scorpion sting bill. A woman in Arizona was billed over $80,000 for two shots of scorpion anti-venom and a three hour stay in the hospital. The shots alone were nearly $40,000 each. This anti-venom sells for $100 dollars in Mexico–which is exactly where the hospitals get it […]

California: Of Ducks and Dogs

When I first heard of Californians up in arms over the sale and production of duck liver and how thrilled they were that SB 1520 was finally signed into law, I shrugged it off on your typical nut-jobs out West. But now they’re trying to pass into law a bill that would outlaw the sale […]