Gangnam Style

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Motorjesus: Good Hard Rockin’

Another gem I found by accident. If you like heavy rock or borderline heavy metal, you’ll definitely dig this. Surprisingly enough, they’re from Germany. The vocals are clear, yet wailing, and not just guttural grunting that you hear so much of these days. The guitars are gritty and jammin’ like heavy metal from the mid […]

Damjan Pejcinoski

Damjan Pejcinoski Great player on the scene here in Skopje, Macedonia. He’s got some Bucket Head flare, and an amazing technique for country/bluegrass as well. I’ve seen him around in a few places and he’s quite frankly…Awesome. Here are some testimonials: Michael Angelo Batio: “Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have […]


I purposely sought these guys out. I’m a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and I was digging the music they play between scenes and in the background. They were cover songs mostly, but done in unplugged mode. So I found them, WhiskeyDick. The two guys that make up the band look like a couple […]

Hogjaw-The New Southern Rock

This is another band I stumbled across on Youtube that is fast becoming one of my favorite newer groups. I’d have to say they’re Southern Rock and reminds me of pre-plane crash Lynyrd Skynyrd. The singer’s voice is sometimes a bit off, but somehow, it fits. It’s honest music and their conviction shines through when […]