Harry Heck! The Original Mark Collie.

You might recognize this from The Punisher movie from 2004. I think this diner scene was the best part of the whole movie–Enter Harry Heck. There’s an eeriness to the soulful, Johnny Cash-esque, voice of this assassin that has a dark sweetness to it…he actually dedicates the song to his mark out of respect. ” […]

5-On-1 Guitar Action

Really cool. This vid post from Walk Off the Earth truly demonstrates just how versatile the guitar really is. I like this better than the original to be honest. What do you think? Here is the parody version for those that like to laugh a little as well. Another dose of the ‘Dawg, Please follow […]

Winchester Rebels: Good Hard Rock’in.

Winchester Rebels is the name of the band, remember it, you’ll be hearing more from them I suspect. I found these guys on Twitter by accident and I’m glad I did. This modern hard rock band from California brings back memories of some of the better bands from the early ’90s. I hear a bit […]

Beatallica: Metal dipped Beatles

Heard about these guys from somebody at work and just the idea of mixing the Beatles with Metallica to forge a unique song was enough to make me seek them out—I was not disappointed. The band hails from Wisconsin and has been around for over ten years. They tried to stay on the DownLow for […]

The Radiators: Last of the Great Jam Bands

The Radiators: The Last Great Jam Band They are: Dave Malone, Camile Boudoin, Reggie Scanlan, Ed “Zeke” Volker, and Frank Bua. Few bands have withstood the test of time as the Rads have; even fewer with the original line-up. This 5-man-band out of New Orleans has done just that. For nearly 35 years, they’ve been […]