Hollywood Sex Wars

Disclaimer: These clips are not appropriate for morally upstanding citizens and young viewers, or the uptight and crusty types. Be cautious when sharing as humor is contagious. This movie is hilarious, and informative. It’s pretty low budget and kind of looks like it was filmed with a camcorder, but that just adds to it’s charm. […]

Casa de mi Padre

It’s not often that you’ll find a native, English-speaking star in a film that utilizes another language as the focal point. This is exactly what separates Will Ferrell from others in recent years. Casa de mi Padre is about 98% in Spanish and set in Mexico. It is a throwback to the Grindhouse-era style pictures […]


Alright! We have a very special movie for all of you today. Detention. Now, without getting into details because I can’t stand it when someone else ruins a movie/show/whatever for me, this movie simply pokes fun at just about everything you can imagine. Stereotypes, cliques, teenage angst, other movies, horror, and stuff that I simply […]

God Bless America

God Bless America Now is the chance to actually recommend a movie that all Americans should see. It’s been a while since I’ve watched something that could be labeled a dark comedy and wholeheartedly make me laugh. This movie has it all. Action, innuendos, violence, comedy, cars, guns, etc. It is a clear representation of […]

Hirokin-The Last Samurai

Hirokin – The Last Samurai A movie set on a desolate planet where there is one man who can save the indigenous population from eradication. It’s kinda like Dune breeds with The Last Samurai with a side order of Gladiator thrown in. It’s cliche but with some original ideas. As far as entertainment value, I’d […]