I, Frankenstein

Disclaimer: This clip is not appropriate for people who are offended by violence. I am so looking forward to this movie next year. I am a fan of the Underworld series and this was created by the same people(?). Eh, who cares. It still looks awesome. Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, […]

The Cabin in the Woods

Disclaimer: These clips are not appropriate for people with heart conditions, easily scared and young viewers. We will not be held responsible for any ailments arising from the viewing of the following videos. Ok, it’s rare that I come across a movie that has a combination of elements that will throw me off. The Cabin […]

Thumb Wars

An absolute classic. From the guy that brought us Kung Pow–Enter the Fist, here’s his first full scale spoof: THUMB WARS. A Star Wars based spoof with eyes and mouths superimposed over thumbs. Simply brilliant. I first saw this back in 2002 and just watched again prior to posting this. It’s still a riot. The […]

Trailer Park Boys’

Disclaimer: These clips contain “foul” language, liberal drug use, some sexual innuendo, and are not appropriate for morally upstanding citizens and young viewers, or the uptight and crusty types. Be cautious when sharing as humor can be, and often is, contagious. Back in 2007 someone had a copy of this movie laying around so I […]

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Toki recommended this to me and I’m glad he did. It’s very funny and it ain’t stingy with the gore. These poor, hapless hillbillies are just trying to enjoy their vacation when a bunch of city-college-kids come out to the woods and reek havoc upon them. It’s an interesting twist to all the “Jason” and […]