Harry Heck! The Original Mark Collie.

You might recognize this from The Punisher movie from 2004. I think this diner scene was the best part of the whole movie–Enter Harry Heck. There’s an eeriness to the soulful, Johnny Cash-esque, voice of this assassin that has a dark sweetness to it…he actually dedicates the song to his mark out of respect. ” […]

Knappdawg Food Tips: 3 New 1 Improved

3 New tips, 1 Improved: I see a lot of recipes and food tips spew forth from the ether, most are crap and not worth the time it takes to click on them. Here are some exceptions to prove the rule: Cooler Corn Love corn on the cob but hate waiting so long or have […]

Separating Egg Yolk from the White

A Chinese technique for separating egg whites from the yolk. I thought this was so simple and cool that it needed to be shared. This is great for those freaks that eat the dozen egg-white omelets as well as for those that like to bake cakes. Hope you like it. Let me know what you […]

Cold Pickled Peppers

People back in the day used to keep a pickle barrel in the basement for all sorts of vegetable preservation. A shame we don’t do that anymore. Well, I’m bringing it back. With a few easy to find ingredients, a glass jar, and a refrigerator you can have great tasting peppers anytime. I like to […]