Better Than The Transporter

This short video shows some serious driving skills and of all the cars to do it in…it’s a Ford (Found On Roadside Dead). Pin It, Tweet It, Facebook It, G+ It, Comment…Share, Share, Share. Please follow and like us:0

Epic Rap Battles of History

Disclaimer: These clips contain explicit lyrics and sexual innuendo and are not appropriate for morally upstanding citizens and young viewers, or the uptight and crusty types. Be cautious when sharing as humor is contagious. I found these videos by random a while ago, but I find the lyrics, video, and music to be quite addictive […]

The Key of Awesome

These guys put out a plethora of spoof videos on youtube. They have a big following, but for those who haven’t heard of them…this is for you. This is pretty funny and I thought it was worth sharing. If you have a favorite “Key of Awesome” video, let us know. Don’t be afraid to share […]

Man vs. Dog

Disclaimer: These tricks are dangerous and hazardous to your health. You have been warned. We will not be held responsible for your young impressionable mind. Parkour (free running in the US) is a principle of the fastest, most direct route from A to B. Following are two videos. The first is a compilation for a […]