Cake Haters: A gay couple legally violates a baker’s rights.

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Adam & Steve

Adam & Steve

Baker Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cake

This really bothers me. I remember when this was first brought up and I couldn’t believe that it even went to court. Now nearly two years later, they actually ruled in favor of the plaintiff (the gay couple in question). Up until now I was thinking this was somewhere in California seeing how such cases usually spawn from there…or at least are trumpeted by the media and condemned by all.

If you didn’t hear about this case already, what basically happened was that a gay couple went into a privately owned bakery shop in Colorado and tried to order a wedding cake for a gay marriage (gay marriages are NOT legal in Colorado by the way). The owner and baker very politely declined, stating that this sort of union goes against his religious views but he would be happy to provide them with any baked goods other than a “wedding” cake.

You’d think this would be the end of the story right? You’d think the cheesed off couple would’ve taken their business somewhere else and encouraged the gay community to boycott the store. Well that’s not what happened because we live in a whacked out version, Bizzaroland if you will, of what the U.S.A. used to be and stand for. So the irate gay couple instead decided to sue the baker for a violating a number of their “rights” and discrimination. I guess the baker doesn’t have rights…

First off I’d like to say that I think it’s bad business to turn away paying (and future paying) customers in any demographic, but this should be up to the store owner himself. This bakery has been in business for 40 years and this is the first law suit they’ve encored.

He did NOT refuse service to these people based on their sexual orientation, color, creed, etc… He simply said/chose to decline a specific order for a wedding cake. He was happy to cater to any other baking needs they might have.

How can you be taken to court for choosing to not take an order? How is this different from anyone declining a service based on religious beliefs?

Here’s some parodies of which would have never made the news:

A Neo-Nazi skinhead goes into a black owned bakery and asks for a White Power cake in the shape of a swastika. The store owner declines, but offers to make him a cross shaped birthday cake instead—-the Nazi takes him to court and wins. Now the black baker and his family have to go to White-Pride sensitivity classes and still must make the cake.

A Jewish couple goes into an Pizza & Cannoli shop and asks them to cater their son’s Bar Mitzfah. The Catholic Italian shop owner politely declines stating that due to his religious beliefs he wouldn’t be able to accommodate…but he’d be happy to cater a standard birthday party—Mario and his family lose in court and are forced to learn Hebrew and throw the worst non-Kosher Bar Mitzfah in the history of the tribe.

A Muslim butcher is asked to roast a pig at a redneck’s birthday bash on Friday. The Muslim politely declines stating that it goes against his religious views to work on Friday and with pork, but he’d be happy to roast a lamb on Saturday–The redneck calls him a towel-head and stomps off and takes his business elsewhere, plus Bubba could never afford to take him to court and the media would’ve eaten him alive as a diabolical Islam-a-phobe.

All these fake examples are essentially the same case as our real Colorado Christian baker. So how is this right, fair, or even justice—simple, IT’S NOT. This proves we do not have rights, we are not free, the government is taking control, and the once picked-on have become tyrannical thugs & bullies. Shame on the gay couple, shame on the courts of Colorado, and shame on anyone who thinks this is right.

In closing, a marriage is supposed to be about love and commitment, this couple has clearly lost sight of that fact. It stands to reason that since the baker still has to make the cake that they put their marriage on hold for two years to pursue a mean spirited frivolous lawsuit that accomplishes nothing but pain for the baker. Would you want that kind of bad luck on your special day? To know (and all your guests to know) that your center piece cake was made by someone who’s against the union and was forced to make it against his will. There’s no love in that cake, and if it were my wedding I’d want no part of it.


You’ve been ‘Dawged!

Cake Haters: A gay couple legally violates a baker's rights., 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. That is a very good article particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very accurate information… Appreciate you sharing this one. A must read post!

  2. If you’re open to the public you can’t discriminate who comes through the door. Caterring a private event is a service of which you cannot be forced to provide. Religion, race, sexual orientation, etc… really has nothing to do with someone’s right to choose what they do FOR someone. Personally I think it’s bad business, and that’s where the people offended should take their rage–don’t shop there, take your business somewhere else. Try to explain to the gay community why the F%CK you’d want pizza at your wedding reception in the first place & celebrate your union with peace & love and not hate & violence.

  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and also the rest of the site
    is also really good.

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