Aroma ARC-2000SB 20-Cup Logic Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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AromaSteamer For many years I’ve wanted a serious grade rice cooker but never made that much rice at any one time to justify it. I was going through an appliance store a few months back and noticed an All-in-one type rice cooker and food steamer. It was less than $60 and seemed pretty cool with it’s LED lights & idiot-proof-buttons. I’m so thrilled with this cooking unit that I had to share with everyone. There are many fine manufacturers of these devices out there and I encourage you to do your own research and buy one that’s right for you.

The one I went with is the Aroma ARC-2000SB 20-Cup (Cooked) Sensor Logic Rice Cooker and Food Steamer(long name I know). This thing is so cool. You can make rice while you’re steaming food above it. You don’t have to sit there an watch it, it cooks automatically and then turns itself off into “warm” mode. The clamp-down lid gives you a bit of pressure-cooker action plus allows you to carry a full pot of food around without spilling anything. When you lift the lid water does not go spilling everywhere, it drains down into a water trap to the rear of the unit that you can pop out and empty. Steam meats and veggies with simple, one-touch ease. It even acts as a crock-pot as well…all this and oh yeah, it also makes rice—all types, perfect every time.

Here are a few of the dishes I’ve made with my Aroma: Jambalaya, chili, soup beans with ham hocks, soups, stews, corned beef and cabbage, red beans and rice, paella, gumbo, and various steamed vegetables just to name a few.

It’s so easy to clean up afterwards that a single guy could do it. For those guys out there (like me) that like to get drunk and then get creative in the kitchen—you never have to worry about falling asleep and burning the house down ever again. This thing cooks and then at the right time clicks off into “warm” mode and keeps your food moist and warm until you regain consciousness—brilliant. So yes, this cooker could save your life.

You can set it up in the morning with a delay, and the food will be ready for you when you get home—love it. I like to throw a bunch of hot peppers, asparagus, celery, and onion in the top part while I’m cooking rice in the bottom, all the flavors get pulled into the rice. It’s proven great for BBQ’s and potluck dinners as well. I’ve made chili and carried the whole pot to the event, plugged it in, put it on warm and it stayed at the perfect serving texture all day. This works well with various types of beans, rice, or sauces as well.

Features include:
Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice.
Easy-to-use digital controls for white rice, brown rice, sauté-then-simmer, smart steam and keep-warm
Saute-then-simmer reaches a high heat for sauteing/browning and automatically switches to a simmer once liquid is added
Programmable 15-Hour Delay Timer for Meal Flexibility
Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below

Check one out today. Don’t be worried if you find yourself making too much rice, left-over rice is the best for making fried rice the next day.

For those of you not wanting a 20-cup rice cooker/steamer check out the 8-cup Aroma ARC-914SBD.

This has been a Cookin’ with Knappdawg moment.

Aroma ARC-2000SB 20-Cup Logic Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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